Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somethin to do with all those wine corks;)

Ya know those afternoons you just sit around drinking bottle after bottle of wine and then you realize "holy crap that's a lot of corks!" Well what are you spose to do with them all?!

First thing you do, refill your wine glass, don't wanna get thirsty through this process.
Plug in your glue gun and collect your corks.
I think I had somewhere around 36, maybe more maybe less, might have been seeing double;)

I laid out my corks and decided every circle would be made of 6 corks.
I made the first circle then at the connecting of each cork I'd clue a cork upright.

Took maybe ten minutes and I had this little vase. Maybe if I'd had more corks I coulda made a wine bottle holder, but who are we kiddin it would always just sit empty;)

I stuck a couple fake flowers in it. Maybe once spring comes I'll put a glass vase inside it so I can use it for live flowers.

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