Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another solution to help prevent leaving babies in cars~

I had to run to town today and as I was driving I couldn't help but realize how quiet my sleeping baby was, that got me thinking of all the poor mother's who have lost their children due to forgetting them in the car and then babies overheating. I started thinking about all the solutions I have heard of people talking about to prevent this. Of course these are good solutions for some people but for people like me they're not so great like the purse in the back seat, I don't carry a purse. Or the teddy bear in the front seat, I hardly ever look at the passenger seat. Then I remembered the posts I have seen recently to Ford and Chevy about making a sensor if something is left in the seat heavier than 10 or so pounds, that seems like a good idea. Only problem I could see is for people who use their seats for things other than children, oh and the base you would like to leave strapped in. I know everyone wants to find a solution and a lot of these are great and work for most people! I though of one that will work for me and I hope it will work for a few other Mommy's. I know it's not pretty and there will probably be sticky stuff left over after you take it off but that's what goo gone is for! Now of course I plan on making better looking ones later I just wanted to make quick ones so you could have a visual:)
For me this will work great because when I'm getting out it's in my line of vision, no way of missing them!!!

If this post saves at least one baby it did it's job:)

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh trash can, why must you be so difficult....

No who'da thunk it! I came up with a brilliant idea to cover my baby's trash can in his saffari room with giraffe print fabric. Of course I though, psht, easy peasy!!! I'll be done with this hour tops!! RIGHT! So here's my THREE DAY PROJECT!!!!!!!
Yeah you heard me right!!!

Now it's not all the cans fault, my baby did steal the logical side of my brain and hasn't returned it so I'm only runnin on my craft side so several things I do are completly messed up and you will probably think to your self, "Self, why didn't she just do this, that would have been so much easier!" Well I didn't!!!!

Okay here's my can I purchased for around 2 buckaroos... There's my Marley, she decided on day one she'd help, sad to say she gave up on me on day two. She didn't sign up for a three dayer.

Here's my Giraffe fabric(I splurged a little:) a yard and a half for $10 somethin but I wanted heavey stuff cause it's going to be washed several times), some left over black sheet fabric from when I had done the curtains in the safari room  This can is actually for his cloth diapys:)

I took the fabric and held it around the can then cut it that way I could get a close guess on the inside measurement, because I don't do numbers well(remember, logic side..GONE!) Then I held it inside and figured out closer to size and cut it down more.

You can see my tiny pins...I pinned where I needed to sew then went to town!

After that I took some more fabric and set the can on top of it and cut around for my bottom.

Now for the Raffie! This was the really hard part, this can is odd shaped and I didn't want to waste fabric but I also didn't want it to be sloppy, well if I would have realized, like I did later, that the fabric has to be loose because of the can being tapered! Ugh, PLEASE logic come back to me!!!
Anyway, so I cut two different sections because I just couldn't get the fabric to wrap around right without wasting a lot. Then I pinned it.

Here's a shot of what the inside looks like after I had sewn all of the inside lining together. Sorry that's out of order...

Then I sewed the lining with the outside fabric..

 then flipped it! So cute!!

Now you may be thinking, "This took three damn days?!" YES, it did! We're getting to that part, all of this was easy for the most part, a few small hiccups but not bad!  Now after I flipped it I thought ooo I'll bunch the sides and put some elastic around the bottom and bam! I'm done...NOPE! Cut the elastic out start again....OOoo I'll fold the sides in and pin the bottom and each time I need to take it off I'll just unpin it.....NOPE, can't even get the damn pins to go through!!! Ooooo I'll roll the sides and, and, and, and well what will I do to the bottom...NOPE!!! I know I'll burn the MUTHA @#$%*#!!!!!! Finally this morning I came to my senses and realized ok Luna, you need this can, you can't burn it, that's silly! So I looked and I and realized, oh yeah, I can't have it tight because I have to be able to slide it off to wash it! So how bout I sew the sides nicely but loosely, then just bunch the bottom under!

So here below is one side, I should have sewn it on the inside, but again, logic:/ But don't worry the other side I sewed on the inside!

Here it is all done and the bottom just tucked under!

And here it is doin it's job!!! Works just great!!!

Better luck next time logic!!!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!!!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

~Laundry room sign with Chalk Paint~

So I'd seen a sign a while ago on Pinterest that said "The Laundry Room, loads of fun" I thought it was a super cute saying and knew I could make a sign like that someday! So of course I pinned it like all my fifty million other pins that I think someday I'll do but probably never ever will;) Then my mother-in-law told me about this awesome painting class she wanted to go to and wanted me to go to, too. Long story short, I didn't go but she did and we decided to have a craft day and she showed me how to do it!

So here is what we started with...This is a frame I found at a thrift store for $3.99 (for a set of two) but it was half off purple tags! so I got two of these for two frog skins!!!

I'm sorry I forgot to take the pic of the first layer! First what we did, is we cleaned the frame of course, just with a wet paper towel. Then we painted a first layer with the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and the color is called Chateau Gray. Let it dry (which doesn't take long) then we did a coat with the color Versailles and let dry. The pic below is that color...

Ok so after the second coat dries you take a rag and get it wet, I'm sorry I slacked on the pictures! I promise on the next project I do with this paint I will be better! So you take your rag and rub the paint off basically, I started with rubbing softly so I could see how much came off. Some parts would come off easier then others so just beware of that. Make sure to be conscience of the entire project! You don't want one area to be bare and another not at all. It's really fool proof though, and extremely fun and addicting!!!

Oh and a tip: My mother-in-law said she had troubles with the low points but not so much the high points, so that would be something to keep in mind on your own projects, but I was thinking on some projects it would make them interesting looking. Best thing about this stuff is, there's no wrong way and if you don't like it you can just go over it again!

Ok so the painting part was done, now you do the Soft Wax finish....
So you take your brush and work the wax into it real well first. Now brush it on the frame, then wipe it off. It leaves a nice protective coat and kind of shiny but not too shiny finish.

This pic is the Chateau Grey (the first coat), it is VERY pretty!!! The great thing about the paint, is a very little goes a LONG way!!! We didn't even make a dent in these jars!

We had finished the frame and left it on the stove while we started on the center piece!

Again I slacked on pics!!
I suppose I'll just have to describe as best I can, sorry:/
We painted the matting of the artwork Paris Gray, in the next few pics you can probably see what it looked like before we did the wax. After the paint dried on it we covered it in the Rustic Brown Wax. Again you work the wax into the brush then buff it onto the paint then wipe it off. You might notice this time we used a round brush, this is the type of brush you're supposed to use for the wax part. We only had one so we had to use the flat one for the Soft Wax for the frame, it worked just as good. I suppose for certain projects it might make a difference though.

 ^^In that little space there you can see the Paris Gray^^

 The pictures aren't doing this justice yet so don't judge! Wait till the end:)

After it dried we painted the inside with Chateau Grey then again we covered the Chateau Grey with the Soft Wax.

I let all of it dry over night then this morning I took acrylic paint (color I chose was Linen, thought that suited) and paper and wrote (sloppily) on it for a visual. The very amazing and great part was anytime I would mess up while writing I could just take a wet paper towel and wipe it right off and it wouldn't even leave a mark because of the wax coating!!! It was perfect!!!

Here's the guts before I put it into the frame so you could see it without the glass blocking the view...
Haha, just realised in the picture it looks like that says "loads of Sun" instead of fun, don't worry in person you can definitely tell it says fun;)

And here it is in the frame!! I know it's kind of hard to see all the detail of the frame but trust me this chalk paint is very neat! Awesome stuff to add antiquing, or just some interesting color to ANYTHING! You can use it on any product and it washes off super easy too!

I haven't hung it yet because I have to switch the hangy bobber to the other side and it had to wait so I could blog about it first;)

My mother-in-law and I have SEVERAL projects planned with this paint so expect several posts about it;)

Best Creation YET!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I know as soon as most of you realize this really isn't a craft project you'll just close out of it BUT BEFORE YOU DO... look how CUTE.....

This is why I haven't posted for awhile:) I've been a little busy as most of you know:)

My little Oliver Lawson Pfaff, also known as Ollie, Ollie cakes, OP, Monkey Butt, Mr. Poopy Pants, Rotten Baby (when he has his really bad colic days;) JUST KIDDING! Don't worry I'm not a horrible, mean mother who calls her baby terrible names, it's just a joke people! I've had several people give me weird looks and the, "No he's not!!" Calm down and get yer panties out of their bunch! I joke!)

Now even though this lil cutie pie is my best craft project ever, he was my absolute HARDEST EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm confident (and hopeful) I will never ever, ever, ever, ever have one harder:)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Quick little touch to Safari room :)

This is just a small one but I thought I'd add it anyway...

Of course for my Safari baby room I want as many animal print touches as possible!
I used our light switch cover and painted it Giraffe print:)
All I did was just take the light switch cover off, wash it off good. Took some regular brown paint I had and just did a Giraffe print as best I could. I had to do a couple coats cause the paint doesn't like to stick to good to the light switch plate. Oh and I made sure to paint my screws that hold the plate to the wall. Easy and quick little touch to the room:)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

My rocking chair, or should I say bed for the next few months;)

Ok this may just possibly be the last project for Baby Pfaff's room, but who knows I still might come up with more;)

My hubby's parents gave us a rocking chair that was actually given to his mommy by her parents when she was pregnant with her first child:)

Now of course I don't find anything wrong with this chair, it is in excellent shape and to be honest even though the pattern is old fashion I actually do love it because it reminds me of an old rocking chair my Grandparents had that I loved when I was little, but it unfortunately does not match his room at all. Well unless you consider the green shag carpet;) but that's mostly covered.

So I took it upon myself to make a cover for it, of course I want to be able to remove the cover for cleaning...

 I found this Zebra pattern material at Walmart, it's almost 2 yards worth for just over $2!
Then I bought a Sheet from Walmart, twin size flat one that's black for $5
which I ended up only using a little under half of it so I still have left over for more projects:)

I laid out my sheet then placed the cushion on top of it...

Then placed the Zebra pattern upside down on top of it then cut so there was about 2 inches of extras around it...

Here's the materials all cut and ready to be pinned...

 I forgot to take pics of this part so this is the end result, I used some of the extra material, about 2ish inches and sewed it together(inside out) then rolled the material inside out so the seam is on the inside, this will be used to loop around the chair to hold the cushion to the frame. For this chair I made two of them.

I took the two stripes I made above and carefully pinned them into the corners they go. When I pinned them I made sure NOT to pin the cushion, later I pull the cushion out so I didn't want problems down the road:)

Ok here's where I pin the material, making sure to try and go with the flow of the cushion, these cushions are kinda wavy. I made sure to only pin the Zebra material to the black sheet, not pinning to the cushion because I pull the cushion out.

Then I traced with my marker along the cushion line just to make sure I had the waves right... Course even my marker job wasn't great but it gave me a good idea of the pattern...

Again I skipped a step of pics, I carefully pulled the cushion out of the materials, carefully! Then I sewed along the black line, roughly:)

Then after I've sewn around three edges, made sure to leave the bottom open, I cut the remaining material off.

Then turn it inside out and tuck the bottom in!
This is the top cushion...see my lil tabs...

Here's the bottom cushion...Bottom part isn't all the way tucked in this pic...

And here's the chair all done:)

Now I happen to have a foot stool I can use with this, if I feel like it I will make a Zebra cover for it:)

Made the cover for my foot stool:) All I did was cut the material to fit then stapled it underneath. I was going to do elastic in the corners and just wrap it around but I didn't feel like it:) So I just stapled!