About me

Lets see how do I explain myself.... well I'm a super tall blonde with long wavy flowy hair. I am super duper smart and know everything! I don't ever let anyone walk on me and I am always confident in everything I do....wait a minute....Thats not right?! I'm not tall at all, I'm currently a brunett and my hair is medium length, its not flowy at all, in fact its way to straight and doesn't like to do what I wish it would. I'm not super duper smart there is tons I don't know but I love learning and I love people teaching me things. I have to admit sometimes I do let people walk on me but thats cause I have to big of a heart. I'm not always confident in what I do, unfortunatly I doubt myself way to often but I have defianetly gotten better about it. I'm a human, I make mistakes and I put my foot in my mouth ocasionally. I have a wonderful husband who is super supportive of EVERYTHING I do. I have two wonderful and adorable dogs, Marley and Bobo, that make my days so amazing! I'm currently pregnant with my husband and I's first bundle of joy. Estimated arival date is May 31st...I think its gunna be closer to May 20th:) As I've said before I LOVE DIY projects! I love being creative and I love enjoying other peoples creativity. I'm not to crazy about cooking but I love to create my own recipes and add nummys to recipes. My life has been a whirl wind of wonderfulness this past year, I met my hubby, moved two and a half hours from my home town, got engaged, three months later we had our wedding then three months later I found out I was pregnant:) Now we're just waiting for baby to come out and complete our wonderful little family we already have.

Our wedding day<3



Marley and Bobo

My little Bo man, Half heeler, quarter Collie, quarter Jack Russel

Prettly little Marley girl, Yellow Lab

My baby bump at 24 weeks, taken while we were in Hawaii:)

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