Saturday, February 25, 2012

Make your own Vase

I am decorating my baby's bedroom. I've seen tons of really cute ideas and had a terrible time deciding what to do. Finally I decided on Safari themed! Not your regular baby animal safari themed baby room, more like a grown up safari room. So after I finally decided I started looking for the stuff I wanted to fill the room with on the Internet but of course EVERYTHING was soooo expensive. Which I am now thankful for because it gave me the opportunity to bust out my craftyness and get started:) First thing I decided to attack was a floor vase....

What I used:
~2 pieces of poster board(so happy I happened to grab white, I thought it wouldn't matter and almost grabbed the neon green. Even though I covered it really well the neon would have defiantly been noticeable)
~Scotch tape
~Hot glue gun
~2 rolls of twine
~Dog for moral support

With my hubby's help we were able to form the paper into the shape I wanted...

After I got my vase shape I started from the bottom with my twine and glued and wrapped my way to the top. I used tons of glue because I didn't want any chance of it coming undone. I should have taken more pics but I was on a roll;) The end product is by far perfect but its the look I wanted and I love it since its home made. Oh and if you're wondering it is very sturdy, the rope helped make it really solid and tough.

My total cost: $9.70
Compared to similar vase I found online for $62.99 (not including shipping)


  1. This is exactly what I'm looking for! The reason for making myself is the cost of department, craft or other stores. Just not willing to spend hundreds on a vase! Thank you for the inspiration! Sue :)