Wednesday, February 26, 2014

End Table makeover

Last summer I fould a great deal on a set of Mission Style end tables and coffee table at a yard sale, I was so excited because I've always liked the look of this style. They were banged up in several spots so I knew I'd need to refinish them. I finally decided to bring them in and start working on them.

Here's the before of one of the end tables...

I love the brushed on, distressed type look on furniture. So I took a can of regular wall paint that's a sky blue color and lightly brushed it on.

Next , after a lot of debating with myself, I decided to do the top solid chocolate brown. Again just a can of regular house paint that I had laying around. So I used a foam brush and did two coats.

This pic is after the first coat...

Here it is finished!!
All that's left is a coat or two of clear satin finish polyurethane.
Now on to the other end table then coffee table!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Giant floor pillows!

The other day I was picking up one thing from the craft store and wouldn't you know it, I left with a cart load! I happened to find the remnants basket at the craft store and they were all 50% off!! I pick and chose patterns I liked then found black to use for backing.

Here's the part where perfectionists will cringe, I didn't square up my fabric, I didn't even measure to have them be the same size, I just laid them (pretty sides in) and went to town sewing. I left one end open so I could stuff them.

I'm cheap, so I didn't want to buy filler, so instead I went to a thrift store and bought several pillows (all under $1). After I got them home I washed them then after they'd dried I cut them open and stole their innereds. 

I think they love it! Now to finish the rest...and get more pillows!

Here's the other remnants I picked up...