Sunday, February 26, 2012

Fricken French Toast!!!

When I was a wee one I used to go with my friend to her dad's house to stay for the weekend. In the mornings he would make us crepes and he always used a secret ingredient...Vanilla Bean Yogurt:)

One day a few years back I was gearin up to make some French Toast and happened to have some vanilla bean yogurt in my fridge, all of a sudden my mouth started drooling thinking bout those delicious crepes! I decided to add the yogurt to my french toast mix.

Here's what you need for the best french toast in the world:
Vanilla Bean yogurt(or whatever flavor you want)

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and soak your bread in it.
I like to use butter in my pan, makes the bread more buttery:)

A little trick I picked up from a friend is when your making french toast or pancakes is spread a lil butter over it while its still cookin. The bread will soak it up and makes it so nummy!

All done! Nummy nummy! My hubby likes to put peanut butter on top of his, I like strawberry jelly:) And you don't have to add the butter to the top cause its already soaked in.

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