Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Somethin to do with all those wine corks;)

Ya know those afternoons you just sit around drinking bottle after bottle of wine and then you realize "holy crap that's a lot of corks!" Well what are you spose to do with them all?!

First thing you do, refill your wine glass, don't wanna get thirsty through this process.
Plug in your glue gun and collect your corks.
I think I had somewhere around 36, maybe more maybe less, might have been seeing double;)

I laid out my corks and decided every circle would be made of 6 corks.
I made the first circle then at the connecting of each cork I'd clue a cork upright.

Took maybe ten minutes and I had this little vase. Maybe if I'd had more corks I coulda made a wine bottle holder, but who are we kiddin it would always just sit empty;)

I stuck a couple fake flowers in it. Maybe once spring comes I'll put a glass vase inside it so I can use it for live flowers.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Name

I decided I wanted to make a cute little hanging name thing for my baby's room. Took me awhile to decide exactly what to do. I finally came up with this idea.
First using good old fashion Paint on my computer I made the names and put the little animal I wanted on them. Then I had them printed off onto photo paper. Size 5x7.
Then I used some matting board I had. I cut out the size I wanted for them, this was a pain cause I couldn't find my box knife!

Here's what the mat board looked like after I finally got it cut out. In the pics you'll notice I only show the last name. Baby's name is still secret:)

I centered then glued the pics to the matting.

Then hot glued ribbon to the backs to hang them with.

Then to add a little extra color I used a brush and swished around the edges. You can't tell in the pics but this helped make the pic stand out a little more also.

All done and hung up! They look funny cause I blurred out the first and middle name.

Hung them from my tree branches:)

Fricken French Toast!!!

When I was a wee one I used to go with my friend to her dad's house to stay for the weekend. In the mornings he would make us crepes and he always used a secret ingredient...Vanilla Bean Yogurt:)

One day a few years back I was gearin up to make some French Toast and happened to have some vanilla bean yogurt in my fridge, all of a sudden my mouth started drooling thinking bout those delicious crepes! I decided to add the yogurt to my french toast mix.

Here's what you need for the best french toast in the world:
Vanilla Bean yogurt(or whatever flavor you want)

Mix all the ingredients into a bowl and soak your bread in it.
I like to use butter in my pan, makes the bread more buttery:)

A little trick I picked up from a friend is when your making french toast or pancakes is spread a lil butter over it while its still cookin. The bread will soak it up and makes it so nummy!

All done! Nummy nummy! My hubby likes to put peanut butter on top of his, I like strawberry jelly:) And you don't have to add the butter to the top cause its already soaked in.


Once upon a time I was gettin ready to paint my new house. I knew colors I wanted and for some reason in my living room I had two colors I wanted to use but I didn't want to do the same old one color on top one on bottom separated by a wallpaper border or by molding or anything like that. I wanted something different and creative! Lucky for me I was working at the time with an amazingly incredibly creative woman! She always has the best and most incredible ideas! So I told her my dilemma and she said come look at this room I painted once I think it would be your style. So after work I went to her house and she showed me a spare bedroom that had trees as a border! Genius! So I asked permission to copy and she said of course and here's how it turned out...

I absolutely loved it cause its totally my outdoorsy style and the colors were perfect! After a few years I met my hubby and decided to move from the big city of Cottonwood to the booming metropolis of Oakesdale and I got the opportunity to redo someone else's home. It was a total blank canvas and my hubby is wonderful and lets me run free through the home paint brushes in hand.
 I had redone the living room and the dining room and was deciding which room next. At this point I was really missing my trees from my last house and decided our fireplace/mudroom would be a great room to do this in. Then I realized oh man I live in the rolling hills of the palouse now and my hubby's a farmer...hmmm maybe I should do rolling hills! So here they are:) and it worked out wonderfully because I did my kitchen the color yellow I did the hills in and both rooms connect so I didn't have to over think a transition I just kept the hills rollin:)

(Sorry the room looks messy this was when we were redoing the floors)
I know in the pic you can't really tell but I shaded the hills slightly so they look like wheat shining in the sun.

Dresser Redo

We needed a dresser for our baby's room and my in-laws were kind enough to give us one that happened to by my hubby's when he was a wittle boy:)
Its a nice perfect sized dresser and still very sturdy but it's painted white and BRIGHT blue. Doesn't exactly match anything in the room. So of course I decided I'd paint it:)
First I planed on sanding it all down and staining it. Well once I started looking at it I realized there were lots and lots and LOTS of coats of paint on this lil dresser. I don't have enough patients for stuff like this so I decided I'd just paint over it. 

I went to the paint store and showed them the knob from my changing table and told them I want this in paint. The first two idiots said we don't have that color in paint only stain then walked off! I was pissed! Then I seen another man in the paint area and went and asked him(all snotty cause I was already irritated) and he said oh I'll make it for you give me ten minutes! So hubby and I went wanderin round the store and ten minutes later went back the guy had it matched perfectly! He even made sure to write everything he did on the card just in case we needed more made later.

Now it was time to paint. I cleaned the dresser really well, took all the knobs off then got to work with my primer. Which I didn't actually use "primer" I just used some gray paint I had left over from painting my hallway:)

Anywho, did the first coat, didn't cover real well, did another coat, kinda covered, did my third coat and it looked amazing! Then time for my color. I did three coats again and it looked incredible!
Now after I got the dresser and drawers done I still had those pesky porcelain type knobs to do and wasn't sure if I could even get paint to stick to em. Well after 3 coats each they look wonderful:)
Unfortunately if anyone ever wants to repaint or sand and stain this dresser again their gunna have a hell of a time! Mainly cause now it weighs fifty billion pounds cause of all its paint.

Very happy with the end result! The color matches the crib and dresser very well, not perfect but its defiantly good enough for me:)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Zebra Painted Rug

Here's another project for my Safari room. I wanted an animal print rug but couldn't find any I thought were reasonably priced so decided to make one:)
First I found this black 5x7 rug at walmart.
I used some regular old indoor wall paint I had.
I used a foam brush, a firm bristle brush and a small painting brush.
They all came in handy for different areas.

I knew I didn't want to totally attempt free handing it completely so I used a white crayon and drew my stripes then painted in the lines. Oh also I wanted to have a bit of a black border so I put scotch tape all around it, 5 inches in from the edge.

After the first coat it looked good but didn't stand out as much as I'd hoped. This pic makes it look way better than it actually did. It was actually really light covered stripes, more grayish.

So I did a second coat and thanks to my hubby, he did the majority of the second coat:)
Then we pulled of the tape and tada! Beautiful zebra rug all for only $20 to compare the price for you the rug I had my eye on was $55!

You might wonder how this is feel wise, you can defiantly tell the difference in feeling but its not noticeable. As far as cleaning you can just vacuum it like a normal rug.

Make your own Vase

I am decorating my baby's bedroom. I've seen tons of really cute ideas and had a terrible time deciding what to do. Finally I decided on Safari themed! Not your regular baby animal safari themed baby room, more like a grown up safari room. So after I finally decided I started looking for the stuff I wanted to fill the room with on the Internet but of course EVERYTHING was soooo expensive. Which I am now thankful for because it gave me the opportunity to bust out my craftyness and get started:) First thing I decided to attack was a floor vase....

What I used:
~2 pieces of poster board(so happy I happened to grab white, I thought it wouldn't matter and almost grabbed the neon green. Even though I covered it really well the neon would have defiantly been noticeable)
~Scotch tape
~Hot glue gun
~2 rolls of twine
~Dog for moral support

With my hubby's help we were able to form the paper into the shape I wanted...

After I got my vase shape I started from the bottom with my twine and glued and wrapped my way to the top. I used tons of glue because I didn't want any chance of it coming undone. I should have taken more pics but I was on a roll;) The end product is by far perfect but its the look I wanted and I love it since its home made. Oh and if you're wondering it is very sturdy, the rope helped make it really solid and tough.

My total cost: $9.70
Compared to similar vase I found online for $62.99 (not including shipping)

First Post!

My first post, how exciting! Well to start I should warn you.....I was affraid of blogs until wonderful Brady told me tons about them and made me realize their not that crazy or terribly hard. Now lets hope I can figure it out easily! To those of you who know me know my name isn't actually Luna and you might be confused. Well what I have to say to you is if you know me this shouldn't confuse you cause I'm always doin wierd things like this;) Anywho, the reason for the name Luna insted of my real name is cause I have issues putting myself and my projects out there into the world for criticism, sooo if I use my alter ego Luna then it won't hurt my feelings at all. Oh and for anyone wondering the name Luna came from my friend Melissa, she says I remind her of Luna Lovegood from the Harry Potter books and movies:)