Thursday, March 1, 2012


Ugh! Terrible idea making curtains! After bein on a roll making all kinds of things for Baby Pfaff's bedroom I thought, I'd love to hang some cheetah print curtains in there! So of course first I looked online for curtains but they were all super spendy, I think the cheapest were somewhere around $50 after shipping. I knew I could find some cheaper but then I thought why not make them myself cause I can probably do it for WAY cheaper. WRONG WRONG WRONG!

But I'll tell you how I did it anyway...
I found some nice cheetah print fabric at Walmart for only $2.00/yard so I bought 4 yards.
Then I seen they had some cheap sheets and I thought that would be perfect for the back side!
I tried to do the math in my head of the size of sheet I needed but of course with my not so good at math brain with a dash of pregnancy brain I got it wrong. I thought for sure a queen size would be plenty big enough. It's not.
So I bought the one queen sheet for $10
At this point I thought it was all I'd need so I though $18 not bad!

When I got home I got started and from beginning to end it sucked and I even ended up taking almost a week break on it just cause it pissed me off so much! Every time I seen that stupid thing sittin on my table it made me more and more pissed!

Of course AFTER I had already cut up the queen sheet I realized I needed more material so I couldn't just take it back and get more.

I put together the materials and sewed them together best I could, it's terrible crinkly and doesn't fit together well, I couldn't find my stupid iron so I had to just go for it with out.
I folded over the black backing so I could have a nice black trim around it.

It looks ok now that its done and hung up but it still pisses me off. I only have the one done and now I'm gunna have to do the other side. BARF!
My advice, don't make your own curtains! Just buy the stupid things;)

To sum up this lovely mistake,
I thought they were going to cost me $18 but once I get the other sheet for backing I'll have $28 into it. Still not terribly over priced but I could have bought a cheaper version for the same price and saved myself the headache.
Oh well not every craft turns out perfectly.


  1. You are just so motivated! Jeesh! I wish I could attempt and succeed at even HALF of the things you do! :) Keep it up, girl!

    1. Lol! I bet you could do it if you had the spare time like I do. I gotta keep myself busy so I don't go crazy lol!