Sunday, February 26, 2012

Baby Name

I decided I wanted to make a cute little hanging name thing for my baby's room. Took me awhile to decide exactly what to do. I finally came up with this idea.
First using good old fashion Paint on my computer I made the names and put the little animal I wanted on them. Then I had them printed off onto photo paper. Size 5x7.
Then I used some matting board I had. I cut out the size I wanted for them, this was a pain cause I couldn't find my box knife!

Here's what the mat board looked like after I finally got it cut out. In the pics you'll notice I only show the last name. Baby's name is still secret:)

I centered then glued the pics to the matting.

Then hot glued ribbon to the backs to hang them with.

Then to add a little extra color I used a brush and swished around the edges. You can't tell in the pics but this helped make the pic stand out a little more also.

All done and hung up! They look funny cause I blurred out the first and middle name.

Hung them from my tree branches:)


  1. Oh Erin! Why'd you have to blank out the first and middle name?! Jeesh. :p

    Those are cute, though.

    1. Haha! I had to jus cause I knew it'd fluster you;)

  2. I think I might know what the first name is...but I won't say! I think I can make out the first letter of it and it's the first name that comes to my mind that starts with that particular letter...hmmmmmmm I guess time will tell! LOL

    1. Oooohhh you sneeky!!! And determined lol!