Sunday, February 26, 2012

Dresser Redo

We needed a dresser for our baby's room and my in-laws were kind enough to give us one that happened to by my hubby's when he was a wittle boy:)
Its a nice perfect sized dresser and still very sturdy but it's painted white and BRIGHT blue. Doesn't exactly match anything in the room. So of course I decided I'd paint it:)
First I planed on sanding it all down and staining it. Well once I started looking at it I realized there were lots and lots and LOTS of coats of paint on this lil dresser. I don't have enough patients for stuff like this so I decided I'd just paint over it. 

I went to the paint store and showed them the knob from my changing table and told them I want this in paint. The first two idiots said we don't have that color in paint only stain then walked off! I was pissed! Then I seen another man in the paint area and went and asked him(all snotty cause I was already irritated) and he said oh I'll make it for you give me ten minutes! So hubby and I went wanderin round the store and ten minutes later went back the guy had it matched perfectly! He even made sure to write everything he did on the card just in case we needed more made later.

Now it was time to paint. I cleaned the dresser really well, took all the knobs off then got to work with my primer. Which I didn't actually use "primer" I just used some gray paint I had left over from painting my hallway:)

Anywho, did the first coat, didn't cover real well, did another coat, kinda covered, did my third coat and it looked amazing! Then time for my color. I did three coats again and it looked incredible!
Now after I got the dresser and drawers done I still had those pesky porcelain type knobs to do and wasn't sure if I could even get paint to stick to em. Well after 3 coats each they look wonderful:)
Unfortunately if anyone ever wants to repaint or sand and stain this dresser again their gunna have a hell of a time! Mainly cause now it weighs fifty billion pounds cause of all its paint.

Very happy with the end result! The color matches the crib and dresser very well, not perfect but its defiantly good enough for me:)

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