Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another solution to help prevent leaving babies in cars~

I had to run to town today and as I was driving I couldn't help but realize how quiet my sleeping baby was, that got me thinking of all the poor mother's who have lost their children due to forgetting them in the car and then babies overheating. I started thinking about all the solutions I have heard of people talking about to prevent this. Of course these are good solutions for some people but for people like me they're not so great like the purse in the back seat, I don't carry a purse. Or the teddy bear in the front seat, I hardly ever look at the passenger seat. Then I remembered the posts I have seen recently to Ford and Chevy about making a sensor if something is left in the seat heavier than 10 or so pounds, that seems like a good idea. Only problem I could see is for people who use their seats for things other than children, oh and the base you would like to leave strapped in. I know everyone wants to find a solution and a lot of these are great and work for most people! I though of one that will work for me and I hope it will work for a few other Mommy's. I know it's not pretty and there will probably be sticky stuff left over after you take it off but that's what goo gone is for! Now of course I plan on making better looking ones later I just wanted to make quick ones so you could have a visual:)
For me this will work great because when I'm getting out it's in my line of vision, no way of missing them!!!

If this post saves at least one baby it did it's job:)


  1. Great idea, because, as strange as it is, women DO forget they have another human being in the car with them, especially first time mothers. :)

    1. Thank you! Exactly! I always thought, how could you forget? But when they're sleeping they can be so quiet! Or if you're in a hurry, you could easily forget! And I think with Mother's that have other children they tend to remember because they have that special helper(s) reminding them, and at that point it's habit:)