Monday, August 6, 2012

Best Creation YET!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok I know as soon as most of you realize this really isn't a craft project you'll just close out of it BUT BEFORE YOU DO... look how CUTE.....

This is why I haven't posted for awhile:) I've been a little busy as most of you know:)

My little Oliver Lawson Pfaff, also known as Ollie, Ollie cakes, OP, Monkey Butt, Mr. Poopy Pants, Rotten Baby (when he has his really bad colic days;) JUST KIDDING! Don't worry I'm not a horrible, mean mother who calls her baby terrible names, it's just a joke people! I've had several people give me weird looks and the, "No he's not!!" Calm down and get yer panties out of their bunch! I joke!)

Now even though this lil cutie pie is my best craft project ever, he was my absolute HARDEST EVERRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!! And I'm confident (and hopeful) I will never ever, ever, ever, ever have one harder:)

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