Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Oh trash can, why must you be so difficult....

No who'da thunk it! I came up with a brilliant idea to cover my baby's trash can in his saffari room with giraffe print fabric. Of course I though, psht, easy peasy!!! I'll be done with this hour tops!! RIGHT! So here's my THREE DAY PROJECT!!!!!!!
Yeah you heard me right!!!

Now it's not all the cans fault, my baby did steal the logical side of my brain and hasn't returned it so I'm only runnin on my craft side so several things I do are completly messed up and you will probably think to your self, "Self, why didn't she just do this, that would have been so much easier!" Well I didn't!!!!

Okay here's my can I purchased for around 2 buckaroos... There's my Marley, she decided on day one she'd help, sad to say she gave up on me on day two. She didn't sign up for a three dayer.

Here's my Giraffe fabric(I splurged a little:) a yard and a half for $10 somethin but I wanted heavey stuff cause it's going to be washed several times), some left over black sheet fabric from when I had done the curtains in the safari room http://lunaslovelylife.blogspot.com/2012/03/curtainsgrrrrrrr.html  This can is actually for his cloth diapys:)

I took the fabric and held it around the can then cut it that way I could get a close guess on the inside measurement, because I don't do numbers well(remember, logic side..GONE!) Then I held it inside and figured out closer to size and cut it down more.

You can see my tiny pins...I pinned where I needed to sew then went to town!

After that I took some more fabric and set the can on top of it and cut around for my bottom.

Now for the Raffie! This was the really hard part, this can is odd shaped and I didn't want to waste fabric but I also didn't want it to be sloppy, well if I would have realized, like I did later, that the fabric has to be loose because of the can being tapered! Ugh, PLEASE logic come back to me!!!
Anyway, so I cut two different sections because I just couldn't get the fabric to wrap around right without wasting a lot. Then I pinned it.

Here's a shot of what the inside looks like after I had sewn all of the inside lining together. Sorry that's out of order...

Then I sewed the lining with the outside fabric..

 then flipped it! So cute!!

Now you may be thinking, "This took three damn days?!" YES, it did! We're getting to that part, all of this was easy for the most part, a few small hiccups but not bad!  Now after I flipped it I thought ooo I'll bunch the sides and put some elastic around the bottom and bam! I'm done...NOPE! Cut the elastic out start again....OOoo I'll fold the sides in and pin the bottom and each time I need to take it off I'll just unpin it.....NOPE, can't even get the damn pins to go through!!! Ooooo I'll roll the sides and, and, and, and well what will I do to the bottom...NOPE!!! I know I'll burn the MUTHA @#$%*#!!!!!! Finally this morning I came to my senses and realized ok Luna, you need this can, you can't burn it, that's silly! So I looked and I and realized, oh yeah, I can't have it tight because I have to be able to slide it off to wash it! So how bout I sew the sides nicely but loosely, then just bunch the bottom under!

So here below is one side, I should have sewn it on the inside, but again, logic:/ But don't worry the other side I sewed on the inside!

Here it is all done and the bottom just tucked under!

And here it is doin it's job!!! Works just great!!!

Better luck next time logic!!!!! Muhahahahaha!!!!!!!

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