Monday, August 6, 2012

~Laundry room sign with Chalk Paint~

So I'd seen a sign a while ago on Pinterest that said "The Laundry Room, loads of fun" I thought it was a super cute saying and knew I could make a sign like that someday! So of course I pinned it like all my fifty million other pins that I think someday I'll do but probably never ever will;) Then my mother-in-law told me about this awesome painting class she wanted to go to and wanted me to go to, too. Long story short, I didn't go but she did and we decided to have a craft day and she showed me how to do it!

So here is what we started with...This is a frame I found at a thrift store for $3.99 (for a set of two) but it was half off purple tags! so I got two of these for two frog skins!!!

I'm sorry I forgot to take the pic of the first layer! First what we did, is we cleaned the frame of course, just with a wet paper towel. Then we painted a first layer with the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and the color is called Chateau Gray. Let it dry (which doesn't take long) then we did a coat with the color Versailles and let dry. The pic below is that color...

Ok so after the second coat dries you take a rag and get it wet, I'm sorry I slacked on the pictures! I promise on the next project I do with this paint I will be better! So you take your rag and rub the paint off basically, I started with rubbing softly so I could see how much came off. Some parts would come off easier then others so just beware of that. Make sure to be conscience of the entire project! You don't want one area to be bare and another not at all. It's really fool proof though, and extremely fun and addicting!!!

Oh and a tip: My mother-in-law said she had troubles with the low points but not so much the high points, so that would be something to keep in mind on your own projects, but I was thinking on some projects it would make them interesting looking. Best thing about this stuff is, there's no wrong way and if you don't like it you can just go over it again!

Ok so the painting part was done, now you do the Soft Wax finish....
So you take your brush and work the wax into it real well first. Now brush it on the frame, then wipe it off. It leaves a nice protective coat and kind of shiny but not too shiny finish.

This pic is the Chateau Grey (the first coat), it is VERY pretty!!! The great thing about the paint, is a very little goes a LONG way!!! We didn't even make a dent in these jars!

We had finished the frame and left it on the stove while we started on the center piece!

Again I slacked on pics!!
I suppose I'll just have to describe as best I can, sorry:/
We painted the matting of the artwork Paris Gray, in the next few pics you can probably see what it looked like before we did the wax. After the paint dried on it we covered it in the Rustic Brown Wax. Again you work the wax into the brush then buff it onto the paint then wipe it off. You might notice this time we used a round brush, this is the type of brush you're supposed to use for the wax part. We only had one so we had to use the flat one for the Soft Wax for the frame, it worked just as good. I suppose for certain projects it might make a difference though.

 ^^In that little space there you can see the Paris Gray^^

 The pictures aren't doing this justice yet so don't judge! Wait till the end:)

After it dried we painted the inside with Chateau Grey then again we covered the Chateau Grey with the Soft Wax.

I let all of it dry over night then this morning I took acrylic paint (color I chose was Linen, thought that suited) and paper and wrote (sloppily) on it for a visual. The very amazing and great part was anytime I would mess up while writing I could just take a wet paper towel and wipe it right off and it wouldn't even leave a mark because of the wax coating!!! It was perfect!!!

Here's the guts before I put it into the frame so you could see it without the glass blocking the view...
Haha, just realised in the picture it looks like that says "loads of Sun" instead of fun, don't worry in person you can definitely tell it says fun;)

And here it is in the frame!! I know it's kind of hard to see all the detail of the frame but trust me this chalk paint is very neat! Awesome stuff to add antiquing, or just some interesting color to ANYTHING! You can use it on any product and it washes off super easy too!

I haven't hung it yet because I have to switch the hangy bobber to the other side and it had to wait so I could blog about it first;)

My mother-in-law and I have SEVERAL projects planned with this paint so expect several posts about it;)

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