Thursday, May 3, 2012

My rocking chair, or should I say bed for the next few months;)

Ok this may just possibly be the last project for Baby Pfaff's room, but who knows I still might come up with more;)

My hubby's parents gave us a rocking chair that was actually given to his mommy by her parents when she was pregnant with her first child:)

Now of course I don't find anything wrong with this chair, it is in excellent shape and to be honest even though the pattern is old fashion I actually do love it because it reminds me of an old rocking chair my Grandparents had that I loved when I was little, but it unfortunately does not match his room at all. Well unless you consider the green shag carpet;) but that's mostly covered.

So I took it upon myself to make a cover for it, of course I want to be able to remove the cover for cleaning...

 I found this Zebra pattern material at Walmart, it's almost 2 yards worth for just over $2!
Then I bought a Sheet from Walmart, twin size flat one that's black for $5
which I ended up only using a little under half of it so I still have left over for more projects:)

I laid out my sheet then placed the cushion on top of it...

Then placed the Zebra pattern upside down on top of it then cut so there was about 2 inches of extras around it...

Here's the materials all cut and ready to be pinned...

 I forgot to take pics of this part so this is the end result, I used some of the extra material, about 2ish inches and sewed it together(inside out) then rolled the material inside out so the seam is on the inside, this will be used to loop around the chair to hold the cushion to the frame. For this chair I made two of them.

I took the two stripes I made above and carefully pinned them into the corners they go. When I pinned them I made sure NOT to pin the cushion, later I pull the cushion out so I didn't want problems down the road:)

Ok here's where I pin the material, making sure to try and go with the flow of the cushion, these cushions are kinda wavy. I made sure to only pin the Zebra material to the black sheet, not pinning to the cushion because I pull the cushion out.

Then I traced with my marker along the cushion line just to make sure I had the waves right... Course even my marker job wasn't great but it gave me a good idea of the pattern...

Again I skipped a step of pics, I carefully pulled the cushion out of the materials, carefully! Then I sewed along the black line, roughly:)

Then after I've sewn around three edges, made sure to leave the bottom open, I cut the remaining material off.

Then turn it inside out and tuck the bottom in!
This is the top cushion...see my lil tabs...

Here's the bottom cushion...Bottom part isn't all the way tucked in this pic...

And here's the chair all done:)

Now I happen to have a foot stool I can use with this, if I feel like it I will make a Zebra cover for it:)

Made the cover for my foot stool:) All I did was cut the material to fit then stapled it underneath. I was going to do elastic in the corners and just wrap it around but I didn't feel like it:) So I just stapled!


  1. very cute! I did something like this with my old rocking chair note of caution though don't fall asleep in a chair or couch holding the baby, you can accidentally drop/the can roll out of your arms and fall, I found I had to sit up in bed to nurse at night because it was so hard not to fall asleep while the baby was nursing.

    1. Thank you! Oohh, yeah that'd be bad dropping baby!

  2. I have to do this to my rocking chair! Rocking chair cushions are very very expensive! My question is, how do you make the indentions where the cushions seperate and still be able to take the cover off to wash it :) Thanks!

    1. Yes they are very expensive! Also hard to find the right ones that fit the chair too! I'm not sure if you're talking about the indents that are on the cushion, like the lines that give the cushion definition, if thats what you mean, I didn't bother, it looks fine not doing it. If you ment the indentions where the top cushion and bottom cushion come together (the crease area) my two cushions are seperate so I didn't have to worry bout making it more difficult to get the cover off. If your top and bottom cushion are attached I think it will be just fine to do it the way I did and then when you take the cover off you'll just have to kinda squish the cushion a little to get it to wiggle out. My bottom cushion is bigger on one end than the other so I had to kinda squish and wiggle it to get it in and out of the cover. Maybe double up on your stich so it holds together a little better through the squishing and pushing. Hope this explains what you were asking:)

  3. Amber NicholsonMay 4, 2012 at 8:21 AM

    You explained it perfectly! I have started on my cushions covers, and I hope they turn out cute like yours! :)

    1. Oh good! I'm glad it helped you! I bet they will turn out cute!!!