Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Family Tree

This post is why I was going to wait to post my other post about trees...
but I couldn't wait so I figured I'd just do two different posts even though their kinda the same.

In our living room we have 3 Dill Green walls and one Chocolate Brown wall on the opposite side of the room as this wall. I decided to use the Chocolate Brown color to make my tree so it would match:)

Wall before with furniture

Living room wall after we moved the furniture out of the way

This was the tree after the first coat.
 It didn't turn out how I had it pictured in my head:/ Every time I tried to make it look like I had pictured in my head I kept messing up so I finally gave in and just let my brush do the work cause it obliviously had a mind of its own today.

After the 2nd coat.
 My plan, once I get more frames, is to hang pics from Randy's side of the family under his pic and pics from my side of the family under mine(including our friends of course) and then in the center area hang pics of Baby Pfaff:)
A few pics hung, still have to get some frames so I can hang more pics.
I don't like how the pics turned out, I don't think it looks as good as it does in person, in person it fills the wall really nicely but to me in the pics it looks small. Ugh oh well!


  1. love this idea! We have a very large family tree and I have been looking for ideas to make one. I love how your tree turned out, not sure howit was in your mind but from here its adorable!

    1. Thank you so much! Its growing on me;) You should do one! Their really easy once you get started. Their also super fun and addicting!