Tuesday, March 13, 2012

How NOT to take your own Maternity Pics.

I decided I wanted to take some maternity pics of myself, so first I looked online for lil tips on taking your own pics. There are alot of lovely sites that give really good tips but of course, typical me, I did everything wrong:) so I decided there needs to be a tutorial on how NOT to do your own pics.

I ended up taking somewhere around 70 pics, only 15 were worth saving...shouldn't have even saved that many haha!
After I decided to do this post I had wished I would have kept all the pics that turned out crapy.
I'm of course not going to load all the ones I kept but here are just a few...

So lets get started on what not to do!

1: Check your backdrop BEFORE you take all the pics and are already changed and have everything put away.

 ^^^^Wrinkly wrinkly backdrop!^^^^ Yuck yuck!^^^^

2: Do take a shower and do your hair and makeup, aparently my pregnancy brain thinks that by taking a pic of yourself that your hair and face won't be in the pic? Hmm don't even know what to say bout that.

3: If you have a dog runnin round the house, maybe consider putting them outside or in another room, half my photos I had to delete because Bobo wanted some attention, he's not super photogenic so most of the pics he ended up standing right in front of the camera, or he'd pose real cute and then move soon as the timer went off!

4: Use a tripod, don't use a soft bottom chair and prop your camera in the position with a glove, your pics will turn out crooked and blurry. I guess pregnancy brain didn't think to dig up the tripod, or atleast use a hard bottom chair.

5: Just paint your damn toenails and go barefoot! I wore socks cause my toenails need painted, BADLY, but I didn't want to do the whole reach and hope the polish lands on the toenail insted of the skin. Alot of the pics my socks are super bright compared to all the other colors.

6: Just save yourself the trouble and have someone else do it, even if its just your hubby. I was exhausted just from having to lean forward to click the button on the camera!

But of course knowing me I'll probably attempt this again:)

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