Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Coffee filter wreath

 I decided to make a coffee filter wreath but wasn't sure where I'd hang it. Then I decided to hang it in out living room window. It's HUGE and it faces the road so everyone could see it:)

I used foam tubing for the wreath form and coffee filters...
The crayons and paper are for the letters I made that you'll see later.

I dipped the filters in bowls that had food coloring in them, I just dipped the edges cause I wanted to have some of the white showing too.

While I waited for the filters to dry I drew letters that spelt out Happy Easter on them then I colored them in and cut them out.

After the filters dried I bundled them and stuffed them into the slit that runs down the foam tubing. Then I glued them with my hot glue gun.

I just kept goin all the way around the tube till it was covered. The spots I had to fill in I just hot glued the filter right to the foam. I had to turn down the heat to low cause it was a little to warm and was trying to melt the foam.

All done:)

I taped the letters to the window and hung the wreath from string. Now all the neighbors get to see:)

I have to admit just cause it's to funny, the first time I went outside to take this pic I luckily looked at the pic before I put it on here. I realized I spelt Easter Eatser haha! I'm glad I caught that before I posted this!