Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Bathroom cabinet redo!

Our house is really nicely laid out and designed really well but there's a lot of things that are outdated. The bathroom cabinet in my bathroom was white with gold detailing. The whole bathroom needs updating but I thought I'd atleast start with this.

I scrubbed the cabinet down really well with TSP.
Love this stuff! Really gets the grime off without having to scrub hard.

Then I just went to work paintin away on them, took 2 coats to cover and then I did a final coat just to smooth it over really good. I made sure with each coat to keep the brush strokes going the same direction. I was worried the paint would scratch off easily but it has held up very very well! It's just interior wall paint I had left over.

Now I just need to paint the pink walls! Also need to do somethin with the floor!


  1. This looks so nice! I am doing my kitchen this summer and need to figure out a really heavy duty paint that will stand up to lots of cleaning, kids and slamming around.

    1. Thank you! So far this paint has been really tough, its Glidden semi gloss indoor paint, I even spilled some stuff on it and had to wipe it down real good and it didn't come off like I was affraid it was goin to. I've heard really good things about Behr Paint and Primer in one, It sounds like it might be a good option for an area like a kitchen.